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While Canadian mining corporations continue to wreak havok worldwide and
on sovereign Indigenous territories throughout Turtle Island, business
leaders and government representatives will be meeting in Toronto, and we’ll
be there
to take the fight directly to them.

A number of organizations in Montreal, including the Indigenous Peoples
Solidarity Movement, Alcan’t in India, and Block the Empire, are organizing
their own transportation to get to Toronto to protest against greedy
corporations and corrupt governments officials’ destructive policies during
the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada’s Annual Convention and
Trade Show (PDAC) in Toronto, from March 6 to March 9.

We encourage other collectives and individuals to organize their own
transportation to Toronto. IPSM will be in Toronto on Monday, March 7, and
for the demo on Wednesday, March 9 (please see callout below). If you’re
going, please get in touch with us so we can coordinate our actions.

For more information, email ipsm (at) resist (dot) ca

In solidarity,

The Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement (IPSM)

PS: Please remember, the “Investors Exchange Mining Show” and the
“Convention Trade Show” are free and open to all! All you need to do is
pre-register online:



Pendant que les corporations minieres canadiennes continuent leur
exploitation debridee a l’echelle globale, des chefs d’entreprise et des
representants officiels gouvernementaux seront reunis a Toronto, et nous y
serons pour les confronter!

Plusieurs collectifs de Montreal, dont Le Mouvement de Solidarite avec les
Peuples Autochtones (IPSM), Alcan’t in India et Bloquez l’Empire, organisent
leur propre transport afin de participer aux manifestations organisees
contre la rencontre entre les corporations minieres avides et les
representants de gouvernements corrompus, lors de la convention annuelle de
l’Association Canadienne des Prospecteurs et Developpeurs (PDAC), qui se
deroulera a Toronto du 6 au 9 Mars prochains.

Nous encourageons les individus et collectifs a s’organiser pour se rendre a
Toronto. Les membres d’IPSM seront a Toronto le Lundi 7 Mars et pour la
manifestation le Mercredi 9 Mars (Voir Appel plus bas). Si vous pensez y
aller, entrez en contact avec IPSM afin de coordonner nos efforts.

Pour plus d’infos, ipsm (at) resist (dot) ca

En Solidarite,


PS : Tout au long de la conference, les corporations presentes auront des
tables et expositions ouvertes au public et gratuites! Il vous suffit de
vous pre-enregistrer a :


..please forward widely...

Undermine Capital! : Building Resistance to Destructive Canadian Mining

On March 6-9, 2005 in Toronto, the self-proclaimed mining finance capital
of the world, hundreds of the world’s biggest players in mineral and
resource exploration will be present: from large corporations, small
startup firms, to provincial, federal, and international governments, all
for the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada’s Annual
Convention and Trade Show - and we’ll be there to oppose them!

Continued resistance is urgently needed against greedy mining corporations
and corrupt governments who converge to repress and exploit Indigenous
people, workers, peasants, and the poor. Communities and people directly
affected by Canadian mining need control of their resources, economy,
health, and environment. Resistance to destructive Canadian mining is
building, and the
Undermine Capital Project aims to highlight the depth and strength of this
resistance with events timed to coincide with the PDAC Convention.

Events scheduled:

1. Daily leafleting of conference delegates at the Metro Toronto
Convention Centre (open 10-5 daily from March 6-9). We also welcome other
groups to organize their own events and actions.

2. Wednesday, March 9 (morning): Public press conference,
representatives from community-based struggles and support organizations.

3. Wednesday, March 9 (noon): Picket and speak out at the closing
of the PDAC conference.

Interested in getting involved? Please email: underminecapital at

Organizations can sign on to support the project by emailing the above
address (underminecapital at Please sign on, as we aim to build
the broadest possible front against destructive Canadian mining.

Organized by the Undermine Capital Project

What is the PDAC Convention?

According to the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada
( who organize this convention ”The PDAC International
Convention, Trade Show and Investors Exchange has evolved into the premier
event of its kind, bringing together the wide range of players involved in
mineral exploration from all parts of the globe.”

‘Mineral exploration’ around the globe is one way of saying the wholesale
exploitation and destruction of lands and resources on Indigenous
territory and in the Global South (Africa, Asia, Latin America, and
Oceania), while communities and workers are exploited. The way that
mining functions today hurts people and the environment, while wealth and
power piles up for large corporations and repressive governments – ‘the
wide range of players’ in mining.

What is Canada’s Involvement?

Canada and Canadian corporations are world leaders in mining. Mining
technology, capital, and corporations are Canada’s competitive advantage
in today’s imperialist world system of global capitalism. Canada’s laws
permit mining companies to have limited liability in Canada for their
crimes abroad, while at home Indigenous lands are pillaged for profit.
Canadian mining firms can be found throughout the world, and are involved
in such infamous and widely
condemned projects as:

• Alcan in Kashipuri people’s territory in Kashipur state, India
• Barrick Gold in Waridjuri Indigenous people’s territory in
• Glamis Gold in Mayan Indigenous people’s territory in
the Western Highlands, Guatemala
• Inco in Kanak Indigenous people’s territory in New Caledonia
• Manhattan Minerals in the community of Tambogrande, Peru
• TVI Pacific in Subadon Indigenous people’s territory in Mindanao,

Canadian firms hire mercenaries and employ state security forces to attack
the people, with bloody consequences. In just the latest example, on
January 11, 2005 Guatemalan security forces brutally murdered Raul Castro
Bocel, a Maya-Kakchiquel activist defending Indigenous lands from Glamis
Gold’s incursions.

(More info on these and other struggles is available at A more complete brochure with details of ongoing
struggles will be available soon.)