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Canada Myths and Realities [ text version ]
Building a Canadian Decolonization Movement [ text version ]
Appreciate History in Order to Dismantle the Present Empire [ text version ]
Feds breaking promises to children in care [ text version ]
Stolen Sisters: Discrimination and Violence Against Indigenous Women in Canada [ text version ]
Class, Colonialism and the Zapatistas

A Tale of Crime-Fighters, Hoodlums and Cops [ text version ]
Aboriginal media just whistling Dixie [ text version ]
Burning Down the House [ text version ]
Colonialism and Kanehsatake: Are dispossession and forced integration ongoing? [ text version ]
Mohawk Delegation Sent To UN [ text version ]
Mohawk Warriors face Canadian-style colonialism [ text version ]
Wanted for Crimes Against Mohawk Sovereignty [ text version ]
Justice for Joe David is a pamphlet created by the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality. Two other pamphlets of theirs are "Guess what! We've got rights?!" and "Neighbourhood Policing: Carressing the Community with an Iron First" .

Midwinter Harvest Food Program [ text version ]

Human Dignity [ text version ]


Native Solidarity News is a weekly, hour-long radio show with a focus on international Indigenous news and struggles.  It airs every Tuesday from 6 to 7 pm EST and is archived online for two months on the CKUT-radio website.  The programs are public domain and available for common use.  If you would like to edit the broadcast for your own purposes, you can download a free, lightweight and easy to use program called Audacity. has downloadable, mp3 radio programs with a focus on Indigenous culture, oppression, and resistance.

Indigenous Resistance at Kanehsatake This 1 hour documentary highlights the recent developments [as of July 2004] of the political struggle of Kanehsatake, focusing on the ongoing efforts of Kanehsatake community members to resist a possible multi-police force invasion, combined of Provincial, Federal and Kanehsatake police.
The community of Kanehsatake's resistance to this invasion and implementation of a largely unpopular Mohawk policing agreement, is viewed by many in Kahehsatake as an attack on indigenous self-determination. The documentary begins with speeches which were given at a solidarity rally held in Kanehsatake on May 20th, the rally brought together Mohawk people and supporters from across Quebec and Ontario.

Sonique Resistance has a link at the bottom of the page to a 70-minute audio mix you might enjoy.