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  • Founding

    Our Home on Native Land

    Shortly after forming, the IPSM organized a conference called Our Home on Native Land.



    Grassy Narrows



    Since the spring of 2004, Kanehsatake has become one of the main foci of our work.  At this time, our support was primarily in the form of presence.  We worked to ensure a consistent watch in the community to observe police operations and bare witness in the event of police violence.  IPSM members participated regularly, and there was also a steady stream of observers from Montréal and elsewhere, both Native and non-Native.  It was during this time that many close ties with community members were developed, and, as a group and individuals, we came to learn the intricate history of James Gabriel's scramble for power and the regular, daily conflicts with police.
    Our involvement would increase as we went on to organize two speaking events, a march, and, most recently, a public mobilizing meeting to provide an opportunity for participating in solidarity work with the people of Kanehsatake.  Both speaking events drew large crows, and the Anti-canada Day march toured through a drizzling downtown, with over a hundred people visiting some of the offices engaged in the exploitation of Kanehsatake and its people.

    Native Youth Delegation